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Address: 27 Church Street, Ware, Herts. SG12 9EH. UK.
| Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday. 11.30am - 6.00pm

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Appointments at Nutz Tattoo

We only book up work a maximum of 1 months at a time. The customers who we have already started work on, will get first priority to get them finished, then we will only be taking on new work as we finish old pieces. This way, people won't be waiting months (or even years) to get their tattoos finished. It also gives us a chance to do fresh work more often.

Most of the tattoos that we do are one off custom designs that we have drawn up based on the ideas of the customers and ourselves. We will not copy someone else's tattoo (or design) and will not recreate any tattoo that we have done before. Pieces that in the tattooist’s opinion have the most interesting, challenging and unusual ideas are likely to be given priority.

We won’t take on ALL work! Please note that we will only start work on people who can commit to get their tattoo finished and afford to come regularly. We generally won’t come back and finish work that was started over a year ago as our style and tastes change. So remember, think carefully before you commit to booking. No one wants to waste all that time and money!

If you are interested in getting tattooed by Nutz or Jackie you need to come down to the studio with as much information about your design as you can (pictures, sketches photos etc). You can get the ball rolling with an email though if this is easier. This helps us to give you the best tattoo possible. If we have no room for new appointments then we will let you know and ask you to get in touch again in a month or so, or we may get you to leave your number so we can contact you when we are ready to take on bookings again.

Booking a tattoo:

Large custom work (sleeves, back pieces etc) is now rarely on an hourly rate. It’s best to book either a

"full day" of tattooing .12 – 6pm.
Or a "half day" of tattooing 12-4pm or 2-6pm.

The price includes drawing time, breaks etc. An hour or 2 just isn't long enough to get a good chunk of work done on large custom pieces and they end up taking too long to complete

Smaller custom work and "flash" type work (designs picked from our design books) will be priced on the design based on the amount of time it will take to complete.
You WILL be required to pay a cash deposit when you make a booking. The amount of deposit required will depend on the price of the tattoo you’re getting done. We require 48 hours notice for a cancelation or change to your appointment or design. Less than this will result in loss of your deposit. So make sure you’re 100% certain before you commit to the booking.

There’s no need to book for a piercing since they don’t take much time to do. Just show up when you’re ready to get it done and Jackie can take you through the procedure. Feel free to call or email or pop in for more info.

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