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Nutz crashed landed to earth a number of years ago amidst a wave of UFO sightings. Having failed his mission, he found himself marooned 60 light years from home. His alien form made him quite conspicuous and he found it hard to fit in. School felt like brain washing, so he left at an early age. He spent a lot of his spare time drawing as he did on his home planet, painting alien sky-scapes and the like. He also has a great love of motorcycles, which is the closest thing he could get to his beloved long lost jet pack....READ MORE...

10 years of Nutz Tattoo !

Nutz Tattoo is going to be 10 years old on April 4th!! We'd like to thank all of the people that have helped us make it this far by throwing a party. So if you're a customer or would like to help us celebrate our first decade, please get in touch for your ticket. It's going to be a fantastic night of fun. You wont want to miss it!!




Nutz Tattoo are now the proud sponsors of THE LONDON ROCKIN' ROLLERS female flat track roller derby league

UK's top piercer - Piercing by Jackie

nutz tattoo As a Professional Piercer, I only use the best quality equipment and jewellery for body piercing. 316L surgical steel is now illegal for initial piercings due to the higher nickel content which does not conform to the new E.U nickel sensitisation law (E.U. directive 94/27/EC). It may be used in healed piercings only. Instead, we use medical grade titanium Ti 6AL 4V (used since 1950 for medical implants), niobium (less nickel than titanium, Implantanium (low nickel surgical steel), P.T.F.E. and titanium nitride coated over titanium (as used in hospitals to coat pacemakers, and orthopedic implants etc). Read More...

Appointments - Getting work by us

If you are interested in getting tattooed by Nutz or Jackie you need to come down to the studio with as much information about your design as you can (pictures, sketches photos etc). You can get the ball rolling with an email though if this is easier. This helps us to give you the best tattoo possible.