Artists at Nutz Tattoo


nutz tattooNutz crashed landed to earth a number of years ago amidst a wave of UFO sightings. Having failed his mission, he found himself marooned 60 light years from home. His alien form made him quite conspicuous and he found it hard to fit in. School felt like brain washing, so he left at an early age. He spent a lot of his spare time drawing as he did on his home planet, painting alien sky-scapes and the like. He also has a great love of motorcycles, which is the closest thing he could get to his beloved long lost jet pack.

As he grew into his mid 20’s (earth years) he found an outlet for his art that didn’t matter about his appearance. The tattoo world is quite diverse, plus his dislike for authority and bosses, he chose a career as a tattoo artist. Mostly self taught, with a few good pointers in the right direction. He has over 12 years professional experience in his field.

So, after working in a number of registered tattoo shops. He now co-owns “Nutz Tattoo” studio with his partner in crime, Jackie. Nutz loves tattoos that are put together for people who don’t follow trends; you know the ones that have it for their own reasons. Not because so called celebs have them. Let’s keep it real and individualistic! "People, express yourself, not someone else”


nutz tattoo

Jackie and Nutz are business partners and have been for over 10 years.

They have worked in studios together before and in 2005 took the step to open their own studio and never looked back.

Jackie is the only piercer at the studio and has a loyal following of customers. She covers all aspects of body mods from the humble ear lobe to something more adventurous.
She enjoys all forms of body art and after watching Nutz like a hawk all these years she has now taken the step to being a tattooist herself.

She enjoys motorbikes, fast cars, loud music and ROLLER DERBY. If she’s not piercing or tattooing at the studio you’ll most likely find her on the track as her alter ego JACK ATTACK for THE LONDON ROCKIN’ ROLLERS!